Workshop: Panelskirts v. Scarlet Blixen

Aug 25th 2019
@Brobjergskolen, Aarhus

Workshop: Chairwork v. Gaya Mae

Sep 15th 2019
@Brobjergskolen, Aarhus

5 Års Jubilæumsshow

Sep 19th 2019
@Radar, Aarhus

Workshop: Find din indre showgirl v. Sophie Sioux

Oct 2oth 2019
@Brobjergskolen, Aarhus

The Halloween Show 2019

Oct 29-30th 2019
@Radar, Aarhus

The Yule Show 2019

Dec 5-6th 2019
@Radar, Aarhus

Happy August – shows and workshops

We made it to the other side of summer. School and work is starting again – and so is the Cabaresque fall season! We spent summer brewing up new and exciting things for you, both shows and workshops. On September 19th, we have our big anniversary show. We are looking so much forward to celebrating …

5 Year Anniversary Show

The premiere of Bloody Burlesque on September 19th 2014 marked the beginning of Cabaresque. Since then a lot of things have happened, and Cabaresque has become a safe place. Both for all of us on stage and backstage, but also for the audience. It is incredible to think about how many of you are following …

It’s finally happening – THE DIVA SHOW is back!

We have made it to the other side of a very succesful Inter War Period Cabaret. Thank you to everyone who saw it and to everyone who wrote in our guestbook. We simply love reading your comments! This is vol. 3 of Cabaresque’s decadent Diva Show – an evening that features show cases of upcoming …