About Cabaresque

CABARESQUE was founded in Aarhus DK, in early 2014 by Sophie Ternowitz and Pernille Olesen. Felicia Jafari later joined. With the production of the cabaret show, Bloody Burlesque, it was the beginning of a thrilling adventure.

CABARESQUE produces theatre, cabaret, musical and varieté. We employ a variety of performers in every production, and include both newcomers, experienced and professionals. Talent and stage presence is what is important.

Photo: Christopher Thomsen

What do we offer


CABARESQUE is known for our short and quick format variety shows, where performers are given a theme and we provide the frame. Audiences all over Denmark have laughed, cried, loved it and yelped in fear and oddly pleasing disgust, as we have taken the stages with our sell-out shows. BUBBLES is an ever-changing string of clever and original works by our performers, designed to make you forget the rest of the world for an hour or two. Welcome to the party, welcome to the jungle, welcome to our BUBBLES.

Theatre shows

Besides our famous BUBBLES shows, we also create professional theatrical performances from time to time. Our first show Bloody Burlesque was the beginning of a theatrical exploration of how the burlesque genre can grow within a theatre setting and how we can produce bigger events with a new artistic approach, that makes burlesque just the spice we never realized we were missing.

Private/Commercial hire

Are you looking for fun, flirty, political, satirical, sexy, dark or glamourous entertainment for your next event? If you want to blow your guests away with some dazzling performances that matches the theme of your event, burlesque might be just the thing! We do everything from family friendly daytime performances to the flirtier and more revealing, depending on your event. Please get in touch here if you want to know more about what we offer.

Workshops & training

Have you always wanted to feel even more confident in your body, or do you just want to dance and shine? We provide workshops and training on a regular basis with international performers and our own Divas as instructors. Learn to dance in heals, how to remove gloves and twirl around with a boa and lots of other fun ways to dance.

The Awesome

The wheels of CABARESQUE is the three board members; Pernille Lund Olesen, Sophie Ternowitz and Felicia Jafari. Knowing each other from university, they have worked together on several occasions before CABARESQUE, and finally in 2014, Pernille and Sophie teamed up to form CABARESQUE. After the first year and the first show, new challenges arrived, and more people were needed, and so Felicia joined in the beginning of 2015.
Since then CABARESQUE has employed a wide variety of performers and a team of talented technicians, photographers, set designers and costume designers.

Header photo: Christopher Thomsen