Workshop: Panelskirts v. Scarlet Blixen

Aug 25th 2019
@Brobjergskolen, Aarhus

Workshop: Chairwork v. Gaya Mae

Sep 15th 2019
@Brobjergskolen, Aarhus

5 Års Jubilæumsshow

Sep 19th 2019
@Radar, Aarhus

Workshop: Find din indre showgirl v. Sophie Sioux

Oct 2oth 2019
@Brobjergskolen, Aarhus

The Halloween Show 2019

Oct 29-30th 2019
@Radar, Aarhus

The Yule Show 2019

Dec 5-6th 2019
@Radar, Aarhus

The Cabaresque newsletter

The Cabaresque newsletter is live! It’ll come out in Danish and English every other month. Sign up here for early access to Diva Show tickets! We are updating dates for our upcoming shows. Check them out here on the website or on Facebook. Photo: Christopher Thomsen

New Year – New website

We are happy to unveil our new website, that will continuously be updated with relevant information and tons of pictures of our show. We can’t wait to hear what you think of it!