Bloody Burlesque

September 19th 2014
@Kasernen, Aarhus

When a young dancer at The Blue Swan, a dilapidated burlesque club in a small town, has her dreams of stardom crushed by her lying boss and a newly arrived femme fatale, she goes on a bloody revenge mission, accompanied by a loud-mouthed drag queen and a sensitive, but nonetheless rich gentleman.
Performers: Anne Baltser, Astrid Engholm, Carsten Lysbjerg, Henriette Wisti, Jakob Bladt, Liv Grønhøj, Mathias Hvidberg, Sinnet Aaboe, Søren Bjerg Nielsen og Theresa Carlsen
Writer: Sophie Ternowitz. Director: Pernille Lund Olesen. Music and lyrics: Frida Malmø. Scenographer: Mette Paludan. Costumes: Julie Størup. Hair/Stylist: Maja Provstgaard. Production manager: Anne Stegler Bjærrum. Light and sound technician: Anders Bendixen.