Diva Show vol. 1

May 13th 2016
@Kasernen, Aarhus

CABARESQUE is proud to invite the audience to our new show; a show that, for the first time ever, will be featuring only our very own CabaDivas who, each in their own way, know how to make an entrance and seduce the audience with exhillerating moves, music and smiles that will make your knees go weak.
Performers: Hetty Hertz, Porcelina Rose, Scarlet Blixen, Sophie Sioux, Emme Fatale, Grace Penny. Conferencier: Siam de Sade. Kittens: Søren Bjerg Nielsen, Kristian Buus Nielsen.
Producer: Pernille Lund Olesen. Show manager: Felicia Jafari. PR: Sophie Ternowitz. Technicians: Felicia Jafari, Pernille Lund Olesen.