Fantastical Burlesque 2015

March 6th 2015
@Ambassaden, Aarhus

Be prepared to be whirled into a colorful and fantastical universe, filled with well-known and self-invented characters, set in a burlesque frame. Nothing is sacred when local and international performers take the stage, amongst other as calling sirens, strong boxers and seducing, exotic princesses.
Performers: Porcelina Rose, Grace Penny, Twinkel Pink (UK), Rock Hart (UK), Oceana Pearl (UK), Søren Bjerg Nielsen, Kristian Buus Nielsen, Michael Fynne. Conferencier: Ursula Esmeralda Brage
Producer: Pernille Lund Olesen. Show manager: Felicia Jafari. PR: Sophie Ternowitz. Technician: Anders Kjærgaard