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Happy August – Shows & Workshops


We made it to the other side of summer. School and work is starting again – and so is the Cabaresque fall season! We spent summer brewing up new and exciting things for you, both shows and workshops.

On September 19th, we have our big anniversary show. We are looking so much forward to celebrating the last five years with you guys. The show presents old friends, both from inside Cabaresque and from the big, international outside. Come join us at a night for celebration on September 19th at Radar in Aarhus. Get tickets here.

Over the fall we host three workshops. Come to learn about the basics in chairwork, panelskirts and an intro to burlesque. The workshops will be taught by Scarlet Blixen, Gaya Mae and Sophie Sioux, and all of them will be in Danish. Get tickets here.

And of course we are not cheating you out of either The Halloween Show or The Yule Show in October and December. And as a new thing, this year The Yule Show will come to Aalborg too! Get tickets here.

As you can see, we have a lot of good stuff for you in the fall of 2019. There is something for you, whether you want to try burlesque more hands-on, or if you would rather watch it on stage.

Photo: Christopher Thomsen

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